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Student Visa Australia

Australia is one among the top 3 countries to Wellcome international students to gain Australian qualification and knowledge. All international students must take a full time course enrolment in CRICOS registered institutes and universities. A conformation of enrolment(CoE) is provided by university which needs to be submitted to immigration before the Student Visa Australia decision made. A student must provide genuine temporary entrant criteria in their Student Visa Australia application.

Student Visa Extension:

Criteria for applying student Visa Extension

If you are willing to apply for new student visa Australia for your further studies or to finish your studies, you can apply for Student Visa Extension. It is important to submit a new visa application to immigration before the last day of visa and get a new student Visa for your stay in Australia to complete your studies. There could be many reasons, why students fail to complete their studies in the provided visa, they are:

  • - Health Issues
  • - Change of Course
  • - Financial issues
  • - Unexpected Life events
  • - Overseas travel

Criteria for applying Student Visa Australia and Student Visa Extension

  • - Maintain an adequate health insurance
  • - Maintain the visa conditions without breaching
  • - Must meet the health and character requirements and sign the Australian value statement
  • - Must meet genuine temporary entrant criteria

Student Subsequent

Student Subsequent Entrant Visa is a Visa for family members of an Australian Student Visa holder. The Visa allows members to stay along with the student while during their studies.

Criteria for applying Student Subsequent Visa

  • - Sponsor must carry a valid student visa Australia
  • - A student can sponsor only their spouse and children in this visa.
  • - Maintain an adequate health insurance
  • - Must meet financial requirements.
  • - All dependents must meet health and character requirements and sign the Australian value statement.
  • - Must meet genuine temporary entrant criteria.
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