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Professional Year Program

Professional Year program is especially for TR(PSW) visa holders who want to develop their skills and ability in their stream. During their professional year study, one can gain experience on Australian professional environment by learning management skills and implement them internship on last 3 months of course.

The main motive behind this program is to obtain employment in the chosen area by applying for technical and management skills in Australian workplace and culture. Basically, it allows to know the workplace and culture of Australia. There are three different streams; they are accounting, engineering, and IT.

Criteria for applying for Professional Year Program

  • - To enrol in professional year, it is important to have a degree in Australia.
  • - An applicant must have graduation in the same field with the matched program they have applied for.
  • - An applicant must hold Temporary Resident Visa.
  • - English language test is required according to their stream.
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