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Business Innovation 188A

The SUBCLASS 188A visa is for people with business skills. It is for a person who is having a successful business in any other country and wants to open their business in Australia. Australian State or Territory Government must nominate you, before you apply for the VISA.

Criteria for Applying 188A Visa

  • - A person who is willing to apply for Visa, must be under 55 years
  • - Minimum 65 points is required in points test
  • - Must be running a successful business
  • - Before you apply for Visa, you need to have a ownership stake in a business that had turnovers of at least 500,000AUD in last 2 years.
  • - Applicant must have net assets of 800,000AUD minimum.

Investor Visa 188B

Investor Business Visa is a temporary Visa for 4 years, nominated by Australian Government. To apply for the Visa, it is important to have a high level management skills and successful record of running business. Further, if you wish to apply for permanent residency from Investor Visa, make sure you have an investment in the country for last 4 years and the applicant must have Subclass 188A visa for at least 2 years. Anyone can apply for the Visa; no matter you are in Australia or out of Australia. If you are an Australian, you must hold appropriate Visa.

Criteria for applying 188B Visa

  • - An applicant must have investment of 1.5 million AUD in State or Government Bonds
  • - Before you apply for the Visa, you are supposed to show net family assets of 2.25 million AUD for last 2 fiscal years.
  • - You have to pass the business and innovation test
  • - An applicant should be less than 55 years old.
  • - If it is a combined business, an applicant must have at least 10% ownership interest for at least 1 to 5 fiscal years.

Significant Investor Stream 188C

It is a visa for an investor, who wants to invest at least 5 million AUD in Australian securities or government and further have attention to hold the investment for at least 4 years. An applicant must be nominated by Australian Government or Territory to apply for the visa. Even overseas businessmen can apply for the Visa. If you are an Australian or lives in Australia, it is required to have a substantive visa.

Criteria for applying 188C Visa

  • - Need an invitation to apply for the visa
  • - An applicant must have genuine intention to live in the state whose government agency has sent the invitation
  • - You must have a tendency to invest 5 million AUD.
  • - There is no age bar
  • - There is no point test required to apply for 188C Visa

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