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Change of Courses

We understand that students will have a change of heart when it comes to interests, career goals etc. Which in turn results to a need to change courses while they are in Australia.

Depending on the course program a student is enrolled in, sometimes it will be required that a student studies a certain course for specified period of time before the institution releases them into another program.

Our team of student counsellors are highly skilled in assisting international students in Australia to explore the best study course for them where they closely apply the handcrafted approach to deliver to the students’ need. In addition, the team will also assist with the admission application at no cost in the same institution or in a different one.

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CEIP Consultancy Pvt Ltd. offers students handcrafted pathways to study in Australia. We carefully select our partner institutions to ensure each student is on the right track to success. Our expert team will guide you in making the right decision for your future.