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Business Innovation 888A

To apply for Business Innovation Visa, an applicant must have 188A visa or subclass 444 visa. It is a second part of business innovation and investment visa that allows an applicant to invest and run business in Australia and stay in Australia permanently. A subclass 475 visa would also work, as it is a long stay business visa. You can easily sponsor your family members to Australia once you own a 888A Visa.

Criteria for applying 888A visa

  • - State or territory government must nominate you.
  • - Must have ownership of business in Australia for 2 years.
  • - An applicant must have business activity statement for 2 years and ABN.
  • - You need to take care of few circumstances while applying for 888A visa, if your business has more than 400,000 AUD turnover annually, then applicant must own 30% share and if it exceeds than 51% ownership in the business.

Investor 888B

When we talk about Investor permanent business Visa, it means it is a permanent visa that allows an applicant to invest or do business in Australia under the Subclass 188B business Visa. With the help of this Visa, one can apply for Australian Citizenship and stay in Australia permanently. Also an investor 888B Visa holder can sponsor their relatives to visit Australia.

Criteria for applying 888B Visa

  • - An applicant must be a holder of state government nominated 188B Visa
  • - Applicant or his/her partner must have resided in the nominate state for 2 years minimum.
  • - The particular investment must be done in the name of the applicant and must hold for 4 years.
  • - You must have genuine intentions to continue your business in Australia for long run.

Significant Investor Stream

It is a permanent Visa that allows an applicant to do investment and business in the nominated state or territory in Australia. An applicant must need nomination from State or Territory Government.

Criteria for applying 888C Visa

  • - An applicant must reside in the nominated state.
  • - Must have 188 Visa
  • - You need to continue your business even after having a provisional Visa.
  • - You must live in Australia for at least 40 days and maximum 120 days in a year, this is a residence requirement that you must fulfil to get a 888C Visa.

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